Social Network Management is the application of proven techniques in monitoring and leveraging social networks to provide business benefits in marketing, branding and employee and customer management.

Be the first business in your chosen market to effectively use and influence your business environment using social networks thru a service that does not sap your valuable management resources.
We provide social network management solutions and services to help you
  • Promote your brand
  • Create a buzz
  • Cultivate your market
  • Enhance client bases
  • Build relationships with customers
  • Empower employees
  • Increase organizational creativity

Are you confident your organization
is well represented on Facebook,
Twitter, Linkedin... ?

Do you feel overwhelmed by
the need to participate in social
networks but just don't have the
resources or the time?

Are you worried you may
miss out on the biggest
revolution in social connectivity
since the telephone?
Fahrenheit Group LLC

Social Network Management
             for Businesses

At Fahrenheit Group we
put together process and
people solutions to take on
the task of managing your
organization's social network

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Design, Update, Manage & Monitor
Your Business' Social Network